About Me

Thanks for dropping by! Slightly Nutty was originally a life blog with a focus on anxiety, as well as my other preoccupations (eg politics, telly, health issues). It's had a hiatus since Jan 2011, and, from April 2012, I'm ready to crank it up again! I've recently published a memoir, Love Shy, so this time around I'd like to focus on the intersections between mental illness and memoir writing, as well as anxiety and life in general.

This is a semi-anonymous blog. In line with the memoir (and my compilation of blog entries) I'm now writing it under the name of Adrienne McGill. My real name crops up occasionally in the blog comments, but that's okay. I'm not trying to hide my identity from my readers but from the search engines. This is because my writing services are advertised online, and I'd prefer my real name to be associated with those services.

I regret my need for semi-anonymity. I'm not ashamed of the subject matter of the blog, or the book - far from it. My goal is to have everything I've written under the umbrella of one website. But until I'm rich and famous (ha!), I'll have to segment myself a bit - that's the nature of the internet.

Hope you enjoy the blog - please feel free to leave comments. Just a warning - sometimes the Preview function is deleting comments. Until I can work out the cause, please copy your comment before you press Preview.