Birthday Depression Resources

Most writing on birthday depression tells you how to get over it. We all know it's not that simple. The following blog entries on birthday depression, or birthday sadness, give you permission to experience it and provide gentle pointers to dealing with it.

Please note: If you're feeling very distressed, or feel you might have clinical depression, please talk to a friend, and arrange to see your doctor as soon as possible - clinical depression is very serious and you will need help in dealing with it. You don't have to suffer alone - there is help out there, so please reach out.

Hit by pre-birthday depression

Dealing with Birthday Depression: An Update

Birthday Depression - Cured or Simply in Remission?


  1. I always get depressed around my birthday. I really can't put my finger on it. My mother sent me flowers today so I could enjoy them the entire week before my birthday. I'm having a big party this weekend (which seems a little overwhelming). This deep sadness...I wish it would go away. I really do love my birthday. What's wrong with me?

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