Monday, June 13, 2011

A New Direction for Slightly Nutty

Sorry that this blog has been left fallow for so long - I've finally decided the direction I want to go in blog-wise. I'm more or less amalgamating Slightly Nutty with my other blog, Melbarts, to create an informal arts/politics/culture blog.

The new blog is called Feminist Culture Muncher and really came out of a need to justify my frequent telly watching!

My Inspired Shopper book is not yet ready, but it won't be long now. In the meantime I've reactivated the Inspired Shopper blog.

It feels strange to be 'moving'. In fact, there are many things I would still love to write about on Slightly Nutty - it's just that the other projects take greater priority at this time. And many of the kinds of concerns I've been airing here I will continue to air on the new blog, although I'm not sure how frequent entries will be at the moment - I'm aiming for shorter, more frequent entries than the ones in Slightly Nutty, but we'll see.

Hope to see you all at my new locations!

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