Sunday, April 21, 2013

Free Offer: Review Copy of Memoir

I'm offering 10 readers a free copy of my memoir, Compulsive Mind: A Memoir of Panic, Social Anxiety and OCD.

There's just one condition – that you promise to provide a review of the book on the Amazon website. This means that you need to have an Amazon account, and to have bought something using that account in the past.

At the moment no-one has reviewed my book on Amazon, despite it having been in the top 100 for Kindle mental illness categories many times. The fact is that many – perhaps the majority of – Amazon reviews are either set-ups, or an expression of extreme reactions to a book, whether positive or negative.

Of course I want reviews so that potential readers will have something to go on and feel more comfortable buying the book. But as a writer I also crave feedback. I would love to know what works about the book for readers, and equally what doesn't.

I want any reviews of my book to be sincere. I don't expect you to review the book positively, just honestly. And reviews don't have to be time consuming – Amazon reviews can range in length from a short article to just a few lines.

If you're successful I will send the book in the form of a mobi file, so you need to have a Kindle reader. But you don't need a Kindle – you can download a free Kindle reader for iMac, Windows and many types of smart phone and tablet, including iPad and iPhone, from here.

About the book
In this sex-saturated world, imagine for one minute that there's something you're more terrified of than anything else: love and intimacy. And that a nasty case of social phobia and low-level OCD lurks behind your terror.

This moving, often confronting memoir reveals how a devastating and complex anxiety disorder exploded into the life of an intelligent, creative young girl struggling to reach maturity in the Melbourne, Australia of the 1970s and 80s.

Adrienne McGill grew up with undiagnosed social phobia and OCD, and developed panic disorder at the age of twenty. The toll her untreated illness took on her career, relationships and emotional development is related here in sardonic, sometimes relentless prose that packs a punch.

This book is essential reading if you:
  • want to better understand the dynamics of anxiety
  • feel that your anxiety disorder doesn't fit neatly into the standard definitions
  •  love memoirs of the 1980s
  • are looking for a memoir about blushing
  • suffer from more than one disorder. 
How to request your free review copy 
Write to me requesting your free copy at I'm only giving away ten copies, so be quick! I'll amend this blog entry when the offer is no longer valid.

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